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Pin by ricardo rodriquez on rcr gta cars, gta 5 the 7 best personal security vehicles out there vehicles with the best value for money in gta online. In this video we take a look at the kuruma and the insurgent armoured cars to compare their ups and downs in terms of performance, protection and usability. Insurgent, kuruma oder technical gta 5 online gta v, fahrzeug. Gta v kuruma convention at the davis mega mall video. Armored kuruma s so im sick of going online on gta 5 and everyone is usually just driving around in an armored kuruma just shooting everyone, how to deal with these things properly. Enable edit mode and drag the downloaded yftytd files into open iv features change log 1. For grand theft auto v on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled insurgent with turret. If not, r should definitely add some alternatives to the kuruma that have the same level of.

The insurgent is mostly used by the heist crew members or. Here we compared two of the most used armored vehicles in gta online. Grand theft auto online rockstars ongoing ever expanding. Whats the difference between an armored kuruma with no armor from lsc, and a normal car with 100% armor. So, i have request for you, whos good at converting. Cant withstand explosions thought but generally its likes for its agility and speed and you can. As the torrent of water dried up for the first time in thousands of years. At this page of torrent you can download the game called gta 5 adapted for pc. Gta v insurgent gta 5 online destruction have fun beast gaming vehicles youtube video games.

I dont think there is one vehicle you can buy that has bulletproof windows. Gta v single player how to get the hyrda, kuruma or any vehicle mod. Gta 5 how to get all the heist vehicles in storymode xbox360ps3 hydra, kuruma, insurgent. Lamar davis grand theft auto 5 gta online painting videos gta 5 art. But i think if i had to pay for it back then, i would have concentrated on getting the kuruma first. The last thing we need is another completely bullet proof noob mobile. Its boring to always driveride in the same vehicle. This video contains comparison between duke odeath vs insurgent vs kuruma armored vs. I also find that bullets kill me in the duke far more than explosions kill the kuruma but that depends on what you do and how you play. This is the new updated video on kuruma armored vs duke o death in gta online. The kuruma is a 4 door and the duke is a 2 door so that alone means the kuruma gets used more for me.

In this video we take a look at the kuruma and the insurgent armoured cars to compare their ups and downs in terms of performance, protection. This is a revisit from an old video i made back in. Massacro gta v vehicles database grand theft auto v epic futuristic armored personnel tank gta 5 mods. But the game kinda forces you to because it is so much better than any other vehicle when it comes to damage resistence. Which car is better, the armored kuruma or the duke o.

Insurgents windows are not bulletproof but will take 57 explosives. On gta wiki, it is believed that the use of webresolution screenshots, for identification and critical commentary on the game in question or the ed characters or items depicted on the screenshot. In gta iii, the kuruma has a fivecylinder engine with a turbocharged sound, a 5 speed gearbox and a fwd powertrain. Although it does not have the armor over the windows. Do not post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules. Nightshark vs normal insurgent why the steep price. The vehicle is essentially a kuruma with unique bulletproof armor panels, as well as bullet resistant windows that rarely shatter under small arms fire. Hopefully itll get resolved, im not redoing all work over again, but i might at least try some v models alterations soon. Insurgent tho can take 3 5 rockets and still not explode. All mods for the model files and textures in gta 5 replacement, as well as tens of thousands of other new mods for other gta games series. Game was developed by rockstar north, published by rockstar games and released in 2015 for pc. As with just about every other item in gta, it depends. In this video i take a look at the kuruma and the insurgent armored cars in an attempt to figure out which one is best and for which situation.

Duke o death vs insurgent vs kuruma best bulletproof armour comparison test youtuber mrbossftw compares newest armoured cars in. Putting level 5 100% on the kuruma does not make it resist any explosions at least in freeroam. Pretty good handling and stopping power pretty much impossible to be killed with regular bullets explodes with only 1 sticky bombmissil. Kuruma is a great starter vhicle for missions and heists also, agaisnt. All leaked vehicles with pictures, heist crew outfits and beta audio files revealed. Have you thought about the insurgent, not the insurgent truck. My 37th mod kuruma x gta tuners and outlaws concept car turns the kuruma into a coupe like the sultan rs installation replace 1. I have so much things to do, like go to my classes, feed the cat or anything, but.

This is a screenshot of grand theft auto iv a ed video game by rockstar games. I bought both and i wouldnt make the insurgent my pv in mission, but its fun in freeroam. Original model was created by onepiece aka mhk 20072009. For grand theft auto v on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled saved up 700k, buy armoured kuruma or insurgent. The karin kuruma armored is a vehicle featured in grand theft auto online as part of the heists update.

I was testing my game and lspdfr install, making sure its all working correctly before recording any new. Being just a tad bit slower than the kuruma, but actually being able to take quite the. Gta 5 online warstock pictures osteoporosis images ali. Youtuber mrbossftw compares newest armoured cars in drag race and armoured protection tests to determine the best. The kuruma on the other hand can handle more rockets, it is easier to shoot out of it and it contains 4 seats. I did get a lot of use out of it early in my gta online career since i was poor and it was free due to me being a returning player. Gta v single player how to get the hyrda, kuruma or any. Raid and unlock trade price for insurgent and insurgent pickup. Whilst the engine is powerful enough to propel the light kuruma to high straight line speeds, the front wheel drive layout causes understeer. Im pretty surprised it hasnt been done before by someone else. Gta 5 online pc mods native trainer working gta 5 online pc mods gta 5 pc single. I like pvp so kuruma would be a plus, but the pure tankosity of the insurgent is cool. Kuruma is bulletproof but one explosive will take it out.

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