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Thus, the circuit joule thief permits to increase the voltage of the source battery, battery above the minimum voltage required to operate the device connected to it. It was a very small implementation of a typical transformer feedback single transistor invertor. How to make a joule thief step by step instructions duration. In the lifetime of the battery, the joule thief is stealing more energy than that last tiny bit it is claiming to get. A joule thief powered by an easytomake aluminium air cell. This joule thief is a simple circuit that will take an old dead. I couldnt get ten turns on the torrid using the included wire, however the 8 turns worked ok. It turns out you can make a simple circuit called a joule thief to reanimate the undead flesh of your deceased batteries and create a zombie battery. Because the joule thief is able to boost the voltage of a signal, you are able to charge a battery with a power source whose output voltage is actually lower than the battery itself.

In this weeks weekend projects video podcast, make magazines bre pettis and i show you how to make a joule thief. Its primary intent is to squeeze the remaining juice of dying batteries to light a led. Parany made very small joule thief by smt common mode choke coil and other smt parts link. Explanation the coil, the heart of t he joule thief, is somewhat mystical in that those that understand basic dc and ac theory do not understand how a coil works. This circuit lets you charge batteries using a power source whose voltage is. Ive studied the joule thief for a while now and the theorys sound. This video is based loosely on big clives and julian iletts joule thief videos and i figured it was just time to make my own. To start this decade right, we believe newgrounds should be adfree for everyone. Experiment with joule thief circuit do it easy with. This circuit boosts the peltzier output up to 14 volts by. In this video a child uses aluminum cans to make a. If you arent familiar with the infamous joule thief, check out weekend projects with bre pettis. The explanation of what a joule is can be found on the wikipedia page here.

During the 3 hours about 4045 people will have made a joule thief. Also i know that for someone is hard to get the parts s. In this video i show you how to make your very own joule thief. Yup, i saw that as well, but it seems to make the led dimmer at lower voltages. But whats really happening is that the battery voltage is. In the simplest version it is made of only 3 components a. Joule thief allows to use almost all of the energy of a single cell or a single cell battery. Just about every household gadget we own runs on 1. Basically, what the joule thief does is it steals every last joule of energy from your batteries. The zener voltage is too low to allow the lm1117 regulator to have adequate headroom at full current. On the basis that its me who actually named the joule thief, its about time i actually put up a video showing how to make one.

Joule thief with regulated output details hackaday. Could be my circuit, but with the battery voltage at 0. A joule thief is a minimalist armstrong selfoscillating voltage booster that is small, lowcost, and easy to build, typically used for driving light. To me, joule thief is an application that can be served by several circuits, same as oscillator. Following the tips outlined below, you can use the joule thief circuit to power a compact fluorescent lightbulb cfl using just some aa batteries. Joule thief circuit powering a compact fluorescent lightbulb. Joule thief led kit assembly required does not come assembled a circuit that extracts the last bit of energy out of a battery. The voltage produced by the circuit is regulated the joule thief discharges into a capacitor, and the zener diode effectively turns the joule thief off when the target voltage is reached, and on again when the voltage begins to drop. Windell oskay of evil mad scientist laboratories joins me to show you how to make to squeeze the life out of your dead batteries by making a.

A preppers best friend for dead or homemade batteries july 20 by graywolf how would you like to use dead batteries or make homemade batteries to power things like flashlights or similar things that can make your life more comfortable or even save your life. A joule thief is a circuit that allows you to use the energy the joules still left inside a battery that is dead. The joule thief aka blocking oscillator is an electronic circuit that allows you to make use of batteries normally considered dead. The circuit diagram for a joule thief is shown on the right. Make a joule thief battery charger mad scientist hut. It has many implementations but probably most common is very minimalist voltage booster based on npn transistor, coil, resistor, and led. The second winding has been replaced by a pnp 2n3906 and c1. Joule thief circuits are usually voltage boosters, but not all boost circuits are meant to be joule thieves. The joule thief is a fascinating circuit with the ability to steal every little bit of charge left in a battery and power a device which would otherwise consider the battery to be dead. Joel the joule thief cool diy, diy tech, diy electronics. A battery is often considered dead when it cant power a particular device. This is a guy built out of resistors and a led that can light up using the joule thief circuit the big one is meant, the small one is exactly the same like brunoips a special thanks goes to 1up for the joule thief circuit from his instructable. In this video i will show you how i created a very popular and easy to build circuit, the joule thief, in order to power leds with voltages from 0. Make a joule thief in the november 1999 issue of epe everyday practical electronics, a small and intriguing circuit was published in the ingenuity unlimited section by z.

Joule thief are small, fun circuits which exploit a few characteristics of electronics and leds in order to steal virtually all of the energy stored in a battery. A highpower joule thief type circuit to drive a 1watt led from a 1. An attention grabbing joulethief blinker using a single transistor and shuts off during daylight. Since a pile of dying batteries keeps growing, i decided to give it a try. A blocking oscillator is a circuit that can be made into a joule thief by selecting parts that allow low voltage starting and is the most common circuit. The approach below is popularly known as jeannas light heres jeannas youtube channel. How to build a joule thief step by step the simplest. Most inverter circuits will not start at low enough voltages to be called a joule thief. If its all kids and no parents, it might take a little longer, so its probably more around 35 kids during a 3 hour workshop. This video shows a version that is true to the original design sent. Today i am going to show you how to make a joule thief circuit that lights up an led with a single aa battery, whereas you would. Aluminiumair batteries are also interesting they can be made from throwaway materials.

Its a little wisp of a circuit that allows you to drive a. A suitable driver transistor, like the 2sd965, 2sc2500, 2sc2655 must be used. For those of you who dont know, the joule thief is a tiny little circuit that allows you to drive a white or blue led from voltages as low as 0. Joule thief circuit is popular among electronics enthusiasts. A joule thief is a minimalist selfoscillating voltage booster that is small, lowcost, and easy to build, typically used for driving small loads. To make a joule thief battery charger is a quick and easy project.

This little joulethief dc upconverter circuit can work from extremely low input voltages and produce a usable electrical potential of 2 to 5 volt output. The quickest explanation i can think of is that a joule is a form of energy that, in the way we use it, can be used to power electrical devices. In this project, i am going to show you how you can use a joule thief to charge batteries with lowvoltage power sources. For this to work, we need people who have the means to become paying supporters.

I will admit that i am no expert on magnetic theory but one does not need to know magnetic theory in order to understand how the coil works or how a transformer works. Here a simple 1 watt led driver circuit based on a modified joule thief design, runs on a 1. Joule thief alex goyette born october 5, 1988 is an american film director, writer, producer, actor, and youtube personality. Joule thief is the most simple type of a switching power supply or a boost inverter. In the november 1999 issue of epe everyday practical electronics, a small and intriguing circuit was published in the ingenuity unlimited section by z. Yes, its the infamous joule thief, in instructable form. In this project, jason poel smith shows you how to make a lowvoltage battery charger using a joule thief circuit.

It was a very small implementation of a typical transformer feedback single transitor invertor. Make a joule thief booster science project youtube. Needing to drive a number of leds 5 or 10 or more from an inductor based circuit designed. Make a joule thief this weekend, make a super little circuit called the joule thief. I havent actually built one and improved on the model yet though so those posts are coming. The switch allows me to switch between the conventional joule thief and the supercharged joule thief. Its likely that the joule thief will not make enough power to let the lm1117 reach full rated output current. Do a search on youtube for joule thief and youll see lots of videos explaining things and showing you how to build one or different offshoots of one.

The pdf file that goes with the podcast is here 450 kb pdf file so whatsa joule thief. Since the led and most of the rest of the circuit is the same for both measurements, there is no difference in the measurements caused by a difference in the circuit or the leds light output. Super efficient joule thief diy to steal all the last energy from a battery and without any toroid coil. How to make a joule thief and create zombie batteries. The joule thief is a fascinating and simple circuit that is able to produce a usable voltage from a low voltage source. I want go to show you how to make a joule thief the leds need 3 volt for light 2 battery.

In this project i am going to show you how to make a joule thief and put it in a jar. I have tried but was unable to get above inductor based circuit for 6v. I am in the process of building a battery charger this week and will put data about this project as i charge batteries. Joule thief is a very poorly design boost converter with low efficiency. Easy joule thief soldering kit from makersbox on tindie. Joule thief flashlight four billion alkaline batteries were shipped in the united states in 2010. How to build a flashlight that runs on dead batteries. This circuit is also known by other names such as blocking oscillator, joule ringer, vampire torch. The project began, as many things do, with a video on youtube. Wouldnt it be great if you could reuse all of those dead aa, aaa, and d batteries after theyve passed on. From the name, the application is scavenging energy where it would. While this circuit isnt particularly useful other than draining dead batteries, its a good starting point for building more advanced circuits powered by a joule thief.

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