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My first bear was taken with 2 blade magnus at 125 grains. They also have the most cutting surface in a broadhead. Upon impact, the blades deploy to a massive 258inch total cutting surface for killer wounds and easytofollow blood trails. Todd graf shows us the highlights of this innovative head and takes a few test shots through some unsuspecting fruit at the bowhunting. The pros and cons of the rage 2 blade broadhead pros. The 2 blade cuts more of a slit, and the 3 more of a hole. A cutting diameter this large is impossible with a fixed blade head and the blood trails from a mechanical sometimes look like they were created with a bucket of blood. Deadringer the butcher 2 blade 100gr with bleeder broadhead. For optimal performance, inspect your broadhead blades before each use and ensure that the blades are sharp and free from nicks or dents. Any game species, any time wraith broadheads bloodsport. They also ensure the broadhead will stay screwedin tight before, during and after impact. My 2nd best blood trail was with a 1 1 2 mech head that hit the opposite leg and didnt pass through.

Each broadhead features a machined aluminum ferrule and 4 razorsharp blades for large wound channels and extreme penetration. Massive cutting diameter for easytofollow blood trails. Broadhead sharpness and bloodtrails sharpster 20101015t02. This promises greater penetration of the prey and even bigger entryexit wounds to ensure quality blood trails. Our goal at blood therapy broadheads is to design innovative, functional broadheads that deliver unmatched accuracy, durability and penetration. By and large though the larger cut mechs have given me better blood trails. The mechanical blades can be adjusted to open either easier or. All of our scientific methods are our most lethal models, but they should all be thought of more as broadhead tools for specific purposes than what head is the most lethal. The 3 and 4bladed broadheads falls somewhere between the 2 types mentioned above in both penetration and blood trail.

A conventional mechanical broadhead has blades swinging from a forward position in flight and 180 degrees to the engaged position, stopping or locking into a fairly streamlined attack angle while cutting. Arthur pope and saxton young hunted with such heads. He made it 100 yards into a thick cutover which is way too far and with hardly any blood trail. The two main categories are fixed blade, and mechanical blades.

But the drawback to both styles of fixed broadheads is their flight characteristics. Make sure youre trusting the right broadhead to finish the job. I was surprised i wasnt getting better blood trails. This unique cut takes away additional grain weight so we can offer it in the extremely popular 125 grain weight, and still keeps the strength and quiet arrow flight you expect out of a non.

This 812 x 11, spiral bound book contains every 19722007 traditional broadhead. Buy deadringer the butcher 2 blade 100gr with bleeder broadhead with fast shipping and toprated customer service. Switched to 2 blade rage this year so i will see if there is a difference when arrow flies at flesh. The blades then lock into place and do some serious damage. Shot 2 blade magnus heads for years and killed a lot of deer with them, but i get much better blood trails with the 3 blades and i am somewhat color blind so i need all of the help i can get.

This is a blood trail from a well placed shot with a rage hypodermic broadhead. Due to its small in flight diameter, it flies and is accurate like a field point. A deer with a shaggy winter coat can leave less blood than a sept. Home forums bows and equipment broadhead sharpness and bloodtrails. Stinger 100 grain 2 blade broadhead 2 18 x 1 116 3. Our lockandpivot function locks the blades together while allowing them to pivot around bone for the straightest and mostefficient penetration possible. The blades are indeed sharper than what has been muzzys longstanding reputation for poor factory edges. Without a doubt one of the hottest new products to hit the market in 2009, the blood runner from nap. Ultra sharp diamize blades make for larger blood trails and swift recoveries. I shot 3 deer with the muzzy 100 3 blade, all double lung pass throughs. We call it the blood groove because of the unique look of the cut in each blade.

Rage broadheads provide huge entry holes, gaping wound channels, exceptional penetration and better blood trails with an extensive line of products for both vertical and crossbows. John dudley shoot an awesome river bottom buck and has a blood trail for the record books. Rage extreme broadhead first hunt with john dudley youtube. The two razor sharp rage hypodermic 2 blade broadhead blades remain hidden during flight and are locked in by a plastic shock collar. Whether its a 2, 3 or 4blade fixed broadhead, each of those blades is like a wing on an airplane. I am going to get either the muzzy 3 blade or 4 blade in 100gr. I shot 5 deer with miniblasters and had very good blood trails, none went. Many of these designs were fashioned by melting the lead core from a. The 3 and 4bladed broadheads falls somewhere between the 2 types mentioned above in. I shot a spike white tail acouple years back from a tree stand and put the arrow through him from directly above. For north american big game, we will never put out a 2, 3, or 4 blade broadhead that will not have a high propensity for passthrough based bloodtrails.

The information contained in this manual was collected from the washington. Crazy blood trail from a rage two blade broadhead youtube. Sgts are precision machined from high carbon steel, heat treated for durability and each one is coated with a durable black oxide finish. When it hits hard objects, like heavy leg bone, the twoblade tip tends to curl, which will cause drag or even stop the forward momentum altogether.

No broadhead is more trusted by hunters and more feared by animals than wasp. A straightwalled wooden shaft simply slipped into the straightwalled broadhead socket. The 2016 spring field day was filled with some spectacular informational presentations, educational demonstrations, and new for this year, a broadhead. The sgt small game thumper has proven itself as the best small game and stump shooting head ever. I hit the lungs as it went through 6 inches to the side of the spine. Shot thisdoe in 2010 and the blood was out both sides. Adrian benke, a texan and still active firearms hunter. The history of the broadhead bowhunting realtree camo. Vpa 2 blade broadhead screwin big jims bow company. The steel tip enters the animal well before the blades impact, eliminating deflections. The second bear was a double lung and he went 75 yrds. Blades are held in position in flight by an oring, rubber band or blade clips.

I did notice that they would sometimes plane if not lined up good. With a modicum of manual pressure on the crossbars, the blades deploy. We just wont do it and they are all really good tools for getting the arrow all the way through every biggame animal in north america. Hybrid broadhead two reardeploying expandable blades are highly dependable and powerful enough to deliver. Proudly built in america for over 45 years, wasp delivers timetested performance and.

This comprehensive book elevates the knowledge of the beginning collector to a level far above even the most advanced broadhead collector who does not own this book. Sevr broadheads the worlds highest performing broadhead. Its surgically precise construction and wide slice give you the ultimate advantage in the field. I shoot woodsmans out of 4751 lb recurves and get routine passthroughs. A reardeploying broadhead design is the standard for big cuts, quick kills and huge blood trails. Hunting or shooting with crossbows requires the best broadheads there are on the market. Although the blood trail can be tough with a bear there is no doubt in my mind that a sharp 2blade will kill quickly. With some mechanical broadheads creating a 12 inch cutting diameter, youll see a lot more tissue damage. Havoc 2blade expandable 100gr broadhead g5 outdoors. In the book, the recovery rate with a tracking dog for arrowed deer was as low as 17%. Crossbow b roadheads nitro nap60037 100 grain 3 pack this compact all steel fixed blade broadhead is durable and pinpoint accurate from the fastest crossbows. The psd broadhead is a 2 blade, fixed blade broadhead that features durable steel construction that cuts on contact for more pass throughs. This expandable, twobladedbroadhead provides you with the power of the dual trap blade retention system.

If you are chasing game like deer and antelope with relatively smaller chests, then choosing a replaceable blade chisel point broadhead like the g5 striker will give you the ability to get full passthrough shots and be able to run the same broadheads for many years by making use of the replaceable blades. Click the button below to add the stinger 100 grain 2 blade broadhead 2 18 x 1 116 3 pack to your wish list. They sell a great book called tracking dogs for finding wounded deer and it discusses types of wounds, locations of wounds, and tracking deer shot with guns versus deer shot with arrows. Broad heads are generally divided into the mechanical blades and fixed blades. Rage 2 blade hypodermic broadhead blood trail youtube. This broadhead combines the best of both worlds both a fixed blade head as well as an expandable. Superstrong and incredibly sharp, these blend fixed and mechanicalblade technology resulting in a broadhead thats lethal open or closed. The grave digger also offers an exclusive fixedblade mode and can be shot as a 1 inch fixed main blade with 12 inch bleeders simply by tightening the set screw on the kickout blades. Similar to a knife, they are easy to sharpen, and offer single bevel broadheads for offering maximum in penetration. None of the deer made it past 75 yards, but the blood trails were very disappointing. Broadhead test video which style broadhead penetrates. It can make tracking your prey much easier especially if you use a blood tracking light as well. The 2blade broadhead provides the deepest in penetration with any bow setup.

If youre a fixedblade purist, then only you can make the decision about which camp youre in. Archery talk has a few topics on it but looking for feedback from michigan. Contains a sharp cutting head and two quality scalpel sharp blades. I recently joined united blood trackers and found out why. The broadheads that gives the best penetration are the 2blade cut on contact ones, but they usually leave a smaller blood trail than other heads because of a smaller cutting area. The brass alignment collar adds weight for a 125 grain head or it can be removed for a 100 grain head. Reversible blades for double the life the blades on deep cut and treestand models are reversible. Bow kill using a rage 2 blade mechanical broadhead. Having the best broad heads for hunting can be defined by how fit and deep the arrow head can cut into the prey to cause the massive blood flow. Available in two, three and fourblade designs, with cutting diameters up to 2.

Wide 2 inch cut which results in very impressive blood trails. I shot 3 blade muzzy 125 for a few year and did line them up the best i could. Todays twoblade broadheads feature strong cutting blades with expertly sharpened edges that deliver deep penetration and create large blood trails for faster kills. This sometimes leads to difficult blood trails of even the besthit game. When the broadhead hits its target, the blades break through the thin plastic of the shock collar and deploy out the rear of the broadheads shaft.

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