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Best tuning tips for the suzuki vitara maruti vitara. Nippon racing jdm honda vitara d16 turbo pistons eagle rods npr arp king 75mm. D16 vitara ycp 75mm teflon coated turbo comp rings hondacrx hastings pistons low low hondacrx pistons hastings d16 turbo comp coated vitara rings 75mm ycp teflon. Vitara piston set honda civic d16 4072 products online select your model. It has forged connecting rods from some nissan engine not sure, full floating wrist pin with vitara pistons, schneider turbo camshaft, head work, ford mustang 65mm tb, 750cc injectors, sds full stand alone ecu revs to about 7800 rpm, and the turbo is huge. Details about nippon racing jdm honda vitara d16 turbo. When building a completely custom motor, the top end is the only place to start. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turbo applications.

But if ya think about it, if it had stock pistons, or higher cr, that thing prolly woulda sat down 165175whp. Its only meant to allow you to limp around until the fullsize tyre is either repaired or replaced, but as we know these things happen slowly in a busy life. We take a peek at vitara tuning and report on the best modifications for this popular suv from suzuki or maruti depending on your region. Ycp vitara pistons with rings for d15d16 sohc engines civic. Im shooting for a goal of 300hp with the ability to go to 350400hp and i want to do this build the right way, even though i know it wont be cheap. Jan 17, 2011 for vitara \ swift pistons only need to bore a hole rod finger on 19mm. Speedfactory nonotch hbeam long rod and vitara piston combo d16. Out of stock add to wishlist add to compare ycp vitara pistons with speedfactory. Hey guys, a buddy of mine is looking to get into some autocross and light drag racing. Sep 06, 2006 hey guys i have a 98 honda civic ex and i want to keep the d16 engine but want to build it up to make about 350 hp. The suzuki vitara s turbo comes with a spacesaver spare tyre. Well hell yes it can, you can set your boost controller to 2 different boost settings and make it a lot easier to drive on the street. The turbo forums the discussion board for both hard core and beginner turbocharged vehicle enthusiasts. Speed factory no notch rods and vitara pistons update.

Scat connecting rods link the pistons to the factory crankshaft, completing the. Im about to do the same setup using eagle rodsvitara pistons w a. New suzuki vitara s debuts with turbo boosterjet 140ps. Nice write upcrazy horses 4 a honda daily driver and on a single cam. I had alot of fun driving that car around daily for over a year with around 200whp.

If the connecting rods are past their prime, they can affect your engine pistons, bearings, rings, while also becoming a source of knocking sounds. This sound is normal and it is due to the floating wrist pin design. Based on thousands of real life sales we can give you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle. Hbeam long rod and vitara piston combo d16 connecting rods. Vitara pistons eagle rods arp headstuds y8 manifold turbo im still deciding so no need to comment on this unless something is waaay off. Jul 09, 2010 turbo is not financially easy to have on a car, especially when its your daily driver. Ok it seems to be that there is alot of people trying to go turbo and. Very cost effective, fun, and relatively simple to build.

After all i have read on turboing the d series honda, i am intrigued and wish. Remove body kit with a putty knife and a screw driver, invest in cheap paint job, profit. Before we can design our custom pistons, we need to know the final volume of the heads combustion chambers. We currently hold the world record for horse power on these pistons in a stock sleeve d16z6. Speedfactory nonotch hbeam long rod and vitara piston. To start posting in our forums, and comment on articles and blogs please. Rockford fosgate r1200 amplifiers supply the wattage to drive the trio of speakers. As honda did not engineer the d16 to be built for extreme power output, the. Check my builf thread, im not doing as much as you want tho.

Alpha series rods are forged from select 4340 chromoly steel and feature a straight hbeam design, resulting in the ultimate strengthtoweight ratio. Check out i bought my turbo from rcautoworks and many other parts from him too. This is a complete set of ycp brand suzuki vitara pistons. Can you boost without upgrading the internals pistons, rods, valves, retainers ect. But you can just ask master parts or alert for pistons you are using stand alone so the 5e4e pistons will work. If you need to freshen up the block, take the lightest cut smallest overbore for which you can find pistons. This page contains details on a 1992 suzuki vitara turbo jlx 5 door.

Vitara piston set honda civic d16 8800 ci motorsports. But when carsguide ran numbers on the vitara turbo we recorded a string of identical 8. Would this be a good turbo kit for a 98 civic hatchback dx. If the tuner uses his knock detection then you do not have anything to worry about. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today. D16y8 boosted or swapped to achieve 350hp daily driven.

Ycp vitara pistons with eagle hbeam rods d16 d series. Hello i was just wondering if this would be enough to turbo a 98 civic and if there is anything else i need please let me know. For me i had a d16 single cam and the vitara pistons i had could handle a good bit more timing than stock pistons, and we all know timingpower. Subscribe to daily emails from grassroots motorsports to get more. Skunk2 alpha connecting rods d16 b16 b18 k20 4g63 vitara ej20. The p2p0 spec ycp vitara pistons are custom made with friction reducing teflon skirt coating. Inside the d16 head featured a bisimoto cam gear, bisimoto springs. My daily driver horsepower zone is approx 350hp400hp. Turbo accent x3 full build with pics hyundai forum. Ride quality isnt the best in the segment, and is a bit choppy, and floppy, at low speeds and with only the driver on. D16 vitara buildinstall in detail with my break in procedure. The honda small end is 19mm the 4e small end is 18mm, so not a direct fit.

Furthermore, with the ycp vitara pistons working so well and being so affordable. Compare prices of all suzuki vitaras sold on carsguide over the last 6 months. Jan 07, 2016 hey guys, a buddy of mine is looking to get into some autocross and light drag racing. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. I have heard about putting vitara pistons and stuff into a d16 turbo and it lowers the comp ratio and is alot stronger and can run safely 1215 pounds, is this true. Turbo is not financially easy to have on a car, especially when its your daily driver. I tried setting injectors to cc with the deadtimes given from ids site but when trying to. Any size vitara pistons with eagle h beam connecting rods. Vitara piston turbo d16 builds are one of the most popular 300500hp street honda setups out there. A common upgrade to the bottom end is to change out the pistons to the vitara pistons. These are quite light and small for an suv so will make a good tuning project and with the right performance upgrades you can substantially increase your driving fun.

Turbo timer front mount intercooler rocker cover with 2 breathers. Looking into using vitara g16a pistons due to price and how easy they are to source. Jul 01, 2006 when building a completely custom motor, the top end is the only place to start. According to suzuki, the vitara turbo does the 0 to 100kmh dash in 9. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turboforced induction applications. The limit is around 200220whp on the d16s and after that you start running into problems with the rods being the weakpoint. Ycp vitara pistons with rings for d15d16 sohc engines. Single cam slammer insane speeds 717hp d16z6 powered civic. You can also browse through other fast cars made by suzuki by visiting our browse and search pages, or view suzuki vitara dyno results. Looking to boost your d series but dont have the big bucks. Scat honda civic d16 forged hbeam rods with arp rod bolts.

Because of the way they operate, you have to put high octane fuel 93 usually because it has to burn cleaner. Keep your cylinder walls thick for strength and thermal retention. Jul 07, 2010 the test mule for this camshaft shootout is a 1995 honda civic with a d16z6 sohc vtec engine. Jun 11, 2018 cops messing with the wrong lamborghini driver compilation.

Honda d16 y7 pistons are worth using with forged rods and 2nd gen 5efe steel head gasket. Turbocharged dseries motor built honda tuning magazine. The fastest time so far recorded for a d16 setup with ycp vitara pistons is 10. Sep 27, 2015 d16 vitara turbo post by wagonmaster89 thu oct 08, 2015 10. My best advice is to save up your money and swap in a b18c out of an integra type r and build the motor without any kind of forced induction. Your turbocharger will more than makeup the small amount of difference that a 0. Im about to do the same setup using eagle rods vitara pistons w a. It runs 23 psi but on a big turbo thats a lot compared to a small one. Vitara pistons are cheap and pretty strong as well, if you were going to build the block. Im going to be at over 300whp and driving her 3,000miles every 2 months. Techtips how to build your engine for a turbocharger. What im trying to find out in here is where that limit is on the d15b1 so that i can have a reliable turbo daily driver. New suzuki vitara s debuts with turbo boosterjet 140ps engine by michael karkafiris posted on december 4, 2015 january 18, 2018 suzuki chose. Mar 19, 2009 you have a good tune on the setup, then youll be fine.

The pistons are noisy at startup and you car will sound like a diesel engine. One thing that has always been frustrating with these builds is having to use standard length off. My engine sounds like it spun a bearing after installing vitara pistons. Hes trying to piece a nice turbo kit together and just wants some. These vitara pistons by topline are just the thing for you. To ensure peak performance from your suzuki grand vitara build your engine with our premium alloy pistons, low friction rings, and precision made connecting rods. I priced out a full vitara piston engine build on a d16z6 and instantly. It will be a daily killer driver for a while with occasional tracking. I did this by using the rasp stosk rods i have worked on 1. You have a good tune on the setup, then youll be fine. Car drives pretty good but somehow we cant set the injectors to cc so we set them to 775cc.

The motor has je pistons, eagle rods, precision sc61 turbo no shaft play, crower dual valve springsretainers, crower. How will running a d16z6 with vitara pistons and new rods. Read this if your thinking of going turbo honda d series forum. If you would like to view more suzuki vitara timeslips click on this link, fast suzuki vitara timeslips. Well, it isnt too hard to get that level of performance out of your car and it isnt going to take too much of a build to do it. Covering everything from stock turbocharger cars, seriously fast drag racers, boats, motorcycles, and daily driver modified turbo cars and trucks. The limit is around 200220whp on the d16 s and after that you start running into problems with the rods being the weakpoint. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turbo forced induction applications. The test mule for this camshaft shootout is a 1995 honda civic with a d16z6 sohc vtec engine. Instead of slapping on a giant turbo and calling it a day, bisi build the d16 like. Let me know if you guys would like to see the process of the build. He wants to keep the motor d16y8 on his 2000 ex stock for now but plans to upgrade pistons and rods later, maybe some mild head work. Skunk2 is proud to introduce its allnew alpha series connecting rods, available for most popular honda and acura applications.

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