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Syma x5c1 quadcopter camera drone instruction manual. The label on the x5c 1 has the x in red, and does not state its the x5c 1 but it is. Syma spare parts syma s107,syma helicopter,syma rc,syma. Guangdong syma model aircraft indl co ltd located in laimei industrial park chenghai district shantou city guangdong china,it is a largescale enterprise with our own designing,manufacturing and trading. The electric coaxial micro helicopter series which suit to the beginner,anyone can. The syma x5c 1 really is a fantastic quadcopter for someone on a budget who wants to get in on the fun. Drone is an aircraft fuselage emission badge with wifi function, you can connect your phone, using a mobile phone to take pictures, video. It was very hard to find the complete x5c user manual, you will not find it even on the manufactures website. If you can not download directly through x5c manual.

The landing gear legs pop in place, and there are screws that attach the legs permanently. Syma drone instructions pdf user manuals for drones. To ensure you enjoy many hours of safe flight with this model, please ensure you read and fully understand the manual before operating. Syma x5sc new version syma x5sc 1 falcon hd camera 4. Syma toys drohnen pdf bedienungsanleitung drohne pdf. Syma rc quadcopter drone with hd camera x5swv3 x5c1. The x5c quickly gained a large following thanks to its stability, affordability and ease of use. The new syma x5c 1 will have syma written in big red lettering in the center of the quadcopter with a red x and black 5c under it. Download ebook m68 manual m68 manual when somebody should go to the ebook stores, search initiation. The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other syma x5c owners to provide you with a good answer. If i open the app without being connected to the camera via wifi the app opens fine.

Replied by hexfet on topic syma x5c1, x11, x12 the last left stick updown capture shows only the first data packet byte changing with left stick updown. The electric coaxial micro helicopter series which suit to the beginner,anyone can enjoy in the first. These issues have been addressed in this version and the syma x5c 1 is now a much easier and fun drone to fly. The x5c 1 has updated circuit board, which allows it to make better turning and corners compared with the x5c making it best for advanced drone users and flying outdoors. Ebooks operating manual free download pdf, free pdf books operating manual download, read online books operating. Drone syma x5c manual for android download apk free. In case others need to solve this issue, i found the problem in my syma x5c.

The dealer has changed the name from syma x5c 1 to best x5c 1. Okay, i have a syma x5c, and the exact procedure i go through each time which works every time is this. Im not sure if you can leave email addresses on here or not but. You will not see any entry from this dealer in ebay that says syma x5c 1 anymore. I have no idea if the camera works at all as ive never been able to get the syma fly app to work. Hello everyone, i would like to share the path which i have chosen to take with my x5 and hopefully pass along some of the knowledge with others. However, the clips are pretty strong, so you could opt to remove the screws, and save a bit of weight.

I would not hesitate to either recommend it or buy it again myself if i needed another. Here you can find the latest firmware for many flight controllers. Syma x5c unboxing and instruction manual dronetube upgraded syma x5sw headless and can connect to smartphone. X5c 1 preface contents quadcopter transmitter main blades screw 4pcs instruction manual screwdriver usb charging cable. Its durable, but all of its parts are available for repairs when you need them. Another way to tell is by looking at the instruction manual. Ive checked the emulator and things seem correct just using the default model simple mixers aetr. The syma x5 is still on sale so it is worth checking that you are buying the version you want. This drone is an upgraded version of the syma x5c line of quadcopters. This is an application that connects to an aircraft for realtime transmission. Alot of it you may have seen before on a video or a thread or some other sites but i wanted to share my thoughts and show how i am approaching this personally. If any problem occurs through the time of using, operating and flying the quadcopter, you can read the x5c user manual for troubleshooting before contact your sales agent.

Manuals and advice on en, fr, it, al for syma drones x5, x5c, x5sc, x8c. Remote control keypad and lcd manual figure 1 figure 2 1. I have a syma x5swv3 that i bought to learn to fly drones and take aerial photos with. The good the syma x5c explorers is extremely affordable for what youre getting, including a 720p hd camera. Ive been quite impressed by my syma x5c 1 since getting it at christmas, but ive struggled to find any definitive answer as to how high it can actually go youtube videos have titles like altitude test and then show impressive feats of flying, often followed by crashes, but none actually say how high the drone. Syma x5c explorers instruction manual pdf download. First, the x5c 1 is an upgrade of the x5c, making the latter a great quad for a beginner trying to learn how to control the gadget. Battery power is insufficient, recharge the battery. Roughly a year after it was released, syma came up with the socalled upgraded version of the x5c and named it the x5c 1. The syma x5c 1 is the upgraded version of the syma x5c, which had some issues with flying stability even though it was a best selling beginnner quadcopter. Gyro remote control series 24 pages drones syma x5uw720p user manual. Yes, this had the potential to go very wrong indeed. This model is similar to the x5sc 1, and is available in black and white colors. At present, all products under the brand name of syma are sold well in the worldwide.

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