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Only two parts of the standard are information from abb necessary to determine all requirements. Note 1 throughout this standard, the term assembly see 3. This standard specifies the overall performance for all types of panels designed, constructed and tested in single quantity, standardized and manufactured in series. Basics of iec 61439 en 61439 iec 614391 en 614391 is a general part which must be read in conjunction with the product section iec 614392 to 7 en 61439 2 to 7. Describes operating conditions, assembly requirements, technical properties and requirements, as well as.

Clauses of iec 61439 1 and iec 61439 2 that are not addressed within this specification shall remain fully applicable as written. Iec 6143912009 lowvoltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies part 1 general rules this document was uploaded by 989me. K0040 baunachweis teil i pdf 092014 2cpc 000 040 l0101. The electrical panel and the new iec 61439 meccanismo. Benedetti pierceleste, quarteroni andrea tested object. Where there is no direct corresponding iec 61439 clause, a new reference. Project manager industrial components, member of sc 17d mt11 the new iec 61439 series, technical seminar, 10 november 2010, singapore 2 contents 1. Documents on demand database and education products standarts and books search services subject and product search services updating your document collections european standards set, subscription to. Norme internationale cei iec international standard 60694 edition 2. A lowvoltage switchgear and controlgear assembly that is used to distribute and control electric power for all kinds of loads in industrial, commercial and similar applications in which operation by laypersons is not intended din en iec 614392. I learned this during my 40 years of activities in the electrical sector. K0043 protokoll zum stucknachweis pdf 052015 2cpc 000 043 l0101. A list of all parts of the iec 61439 series, under the general title lowvoltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies can be found on the iec website. This standard cannot be used alone to specify an assembly or used for a purpose of determining conformity.

Assemblies for power distribution in public networks. Your reference guide to safe and reliable lv switchboards. Iec 61439 1 e 2 a livello internazionale, recepite dalle corrispondenti cei en 61439 1 e 2 a livello italiano. Iec 61439 1 iec 61439 6 cei en 61439 1 cei en 61439 6 div vde 0660 part 500 din vde 0660 part 502 iec 529 sezioni di trasporto. Publisher international electrotechnical committee. This standard specifies general definitions, classifications, characteristics and test requirements of enclosures to be used as part of switchgear and controlgear assemblies e. The new iec 61439 standard history of restructuring the iec 60439 standard the new.

Norm iec 61439 systems siemens siemens global website. A combination of one or more lowvoltage switchgear with associated equipment. This standard shall be read in conjunction with part 1 iec 61439 1. Guide design and assembly according to iec 61439 en 61439. Assemblies for which the rated voltage does not exceed 1 000 v in case of a. Quadros electricos abb e a nova norma iec 61439 novonovo. This part of the iec 61439 series lays down the definitions and states the service conditions, construction requirements, technical characteristics and verification requirements for lowvoltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Cenelec members are bound to comply with the cencenelec internal regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this european standard. The optima series sockets with the safein safety device guarantee a higher level of safety in comparison with ordinary industrial sockets, especially in environments where there may be children present or people who have not been trained. Stainless steel aisi 304 sheet all information attached at the end of the report. The general part 1 applies to switchgear, power distribution boards and control cabinets, while part 2 applies to power switchgear and controlgear assemblies. To identify any terminal which is intended for connection to an external conductor for protection against electric shock in case of a fault, or the terminal of a protective earth ground electrode. This standard is the estonian et version of the european standard en 61439 1. Iec 62208 empty enclosures for lowvoltage switchgear.

Matthias kratzke jurgen dufner basic standards definitions of personal protection, calculation and test procedures, assessment bases. For boards, it is possible to use the calculation method explained in paragraph 10. Note throughout the iec 61439 series of standards, the term assembly see 3. Introduction market situation objectives of the new standard 2. En only electrotechnically skilled and instructed personnel may carry out the following operations iec 61439 1. Please check our terms and conditions mainly for engineering standards in electronic pdf.

Neue norm fur niederspannungs schaltgeratekombinationen zvei. The following differences exist in some coun tries. Work book 2cpc 000 305 b0101 1 work book on the seminar delivered by abb the standard iec 61439 prepared by. To facilitate the thermal check of the 46 range boards in the latter case, gewiss has prepared a set of tables on the next page for every board version and size. Rated operational voltage ue main circuit up to 415 v a. There is no need to test electrical circuits which can be discounted in terms of shortcircuit. What is a lowvoltage switchgear and controlgear assembly. Iec technical standards are powerful documents providing directions for specifications, tests and types of equipment which will be commercialized in the worldwide market. Cei en 614391 is the basic rule that must accompany all 61439 family of standards currently their number is 5 as shown in figure 4. Plus satisfaction of points 610 in the checklist table iec 61439 1 b verification by testing shortcircuit withstand strength to iec 61439 1 paragraph 10. This was the aim of an international project group which had been working on a task named radical restructuring and revision of iec 60439 series since 1998. New standard for lv switchgear, controlgear assemblies.

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